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women trafficking in southeast asia (english for writing assignment)

Tugas berikut adalah tugas yang saya kerjakan unutk memenuhi tugas mata kuliah english for writing pada semester 4. Dalam tugas ini saya mengemukakan pendapat-pendapat saya tentang apa saja yang menyebabkan maraknya perdagangan wanita di asia tenggara.

Name : Sally
Nim : 207110618

Class : MC11-6B

Lack of Law Application Causes Women Trafficking in South East Asia

How can you explain about the conditions of life in this world right now? Sometimes we feel hard to explain because as we all now, there are much insanity that happening in this world nowadays. It is just not one or two the strange and out of health mind happens to this world, but many of those things happen. One of those crazy things is the women trafficking in South East Asia. Crazy because of there are people who sell people just like they were selling things. Many causes for those tragedy, but I think the main causes of women trafficking in South East Asia is that because the lack of law application.

Many countries in South East Asia were fighting against women trafficking. They do not want their citizens became a victim of someone just because they were desperately seeking for a job for complete all of their needed in this life. They all have laws about this women trafficking and have rules to punish everyone that involve on this women trafficking. The main causes of women trafficking in South East Asia is because there is something that the government not do correctly which is they were not use their laws on the right track. They were just publishing those laws without even thinking to use that on the right way. The government must have extra look out for the people who come and goes in any sector of their country. For example is that there were many people roams without restraint in village seeking for a young girl to be trafficked later by their community. If the government have a strict laws, checking every people comes and goes to their country and commanding the police in every sector of the country to checking, this kind of trafficking can be detected and the people that involve on the trafficking can be punish according to the law occur.

The other point why the lack of law application is become the main causes of women trafficking in South East Asia is there were no rules that look out for the city in the country which support this women trafficking happen. For example is the government can scan the city and seeking if any of the places from the city has a place that supporting this women trafficking. And if the place is found, the government can closed it and of course the people behind the place or the owner of the place must be arrested and punish according to the law. This rules also can make government knows the network of this women trafficking community by asking to the people that have the place supporting the trafficking about the traffickers that give them the women.

Finally if the government will extra look out and have seeking in every sector of the country if there were any place or any people supporting this women trafficking and especially running the law on the right track and right application, the women trafficking in South East Asia can be vanish step by step due to the main causes of the women trafficking itself is because the lack of law application that government runs nowadays.


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